Hello, I am Paigy, a chibi artist who designs cute, BL, and romantic merch.

Zine (Mod)

Current Projects

Bingpupbox - Food theme (Merch)GraphicsTBD

Past Projects

Alliance, Marvel x BNHACoordinator AssistanceCompleted
B-SIDES ZineShippingCompleted
BANG : An Unknown FanzineShippingCompleted
Bingpupbox (Merch)GraphicsCompleted
Enough Love to go AroundFormatCompleted
Harvest: The Ninja WayHead ModCompleted
Hero Analysis : Deku EditionFormat (Replacement)Completed
Heroes of the Court, BNHA x HaikyuuOrganizer + ShippingCompleted
Iida Bro ZineCo-Head ModCompleted
InaKiriArt ModCompleted
Instinct Fashion ZineGraphic + Co-Format + ShippingCompleted
Lotor: The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulArt Mod + USA ShippingCompleted
Mister IIDA IHead ModCompleted
Mitsuru x Kokoro: Phase of Love ZineHead ModCompleted
Mystic Messenger Fairy TalePromotional Graphic Artist + DesignerCompleted
Naruto Mix-Up No Jutsu ZineFormatCompleted
Nice Receive (NSFW)Graphic DesignerCompleted
Please, Bokuto-San (NSFW)Graphic DesignerCompleted
Please Insert Coin: Chiaki NanamiCo-Organizer + Format + ShippingCompleted
Soft Shadows ZineFormatCompleted
Tales of Fanzine ✦ShippingCompleted
Timeless BondsFormatCompleted
TOMAN / TR Fashion ArtFormat + Production + ShippingCompleted
Ukiyo, A Pretty Setters ZineGraphic DesignerCompleted